Wednesday, September 20, 2006

excuse me miss...under 18 or over 18?

i really believe that i am not getting older.
i still see myself rollerskating down the street in a thunderstorm at 12...
i see my mom, sister, and i sleeping together in the BIG bed at 14....
i definitely still dance the same from 'little feet' days...that was 8...
dorthea and i screaming at one another at 10....
me being a serious athlete at 16....
wearing thick head bands and wayyyy too many bangles at 18....
SAME at 23.
i am 23 years old.

when coming up from the subway, a man passing out flyers asked...
"are u under 18, or over 18?".....i should have simply hugged him.


true faith brings peace.
no worry...NOTHING.
just quiet peace.
this feels right (for once).


fruitfly4 said...

yey for 23! isn't there a theory where things move so fast that time actually stops? maybe that's happening (and maybe i made that up. so what; work with me). as far as style goes, i think we are probably approaching the phenomenon of being contemporary and throwback at the same time. so glad things are good well for you, honey.

love (4real, 4real)

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