Friday, May 19, 2006

my kinda work. ?

my gaurdian angel----->

she is glamorous.
she wears a different neon color on each fingernail.
she likes bamboo earrings. and tiaras.
she pretends to not see me sometimes.
she and i are really connected.
she is silly.
she is ambidextrous.
she is thick with long wavy hair.
she likes the cut of italian wardrobing.
she sometimes mocks me in my movements.
she is quite good at painting. and calculus.
she pays close attention to the hair on her face...eyelashes and eyebrows
she is cynical.
she is thai and black.
she has been trained in both modern and ballet.
she sometimes likes to dress like me.
she is single...i would become jealous if she got in a relationship.
she likes wrestling shoes.
she sometimes runs really fast and leaps really far.
okay...that helps...

photographer: marlo
models: ladawan, stefani
styling: moi


i assisted for the lamborghini (?) show last night.
really...white folks will never cease to intrigue and amaze me....
especially rich ones. the event was invitation only, and i
am sitting there watching folks interact. i see
dresses from gucci's spring collection (2006 that is), i see BOTOX (never
ever have i noticed that on real like folks before, oh my), i
see white loafers, i see valet parking the matchbox cars
that i played with as a child....i just see a lot. and perhaps
for a brief moment i lapsed into thinking i fit in.
i really think i did; as i helped to prepare for the show damn near every
woman inquired about my pink colorful hoodie with skulls
and sequins. true...the hoodie is dope.
"i just have got to get that sweatjacket"....(smile)

i dunno. let me say this correctly. doing shows comparable
to this one has often placed me in an environment around
wealthy white people. i am awed when i look at these clones
mix, mingle, and interact...but they consistently come to us for
whats next. buying culture. these shows that i am doing are
always directed by a black man. he has ridiculous vision
and his work is detailed with scripts, props, intricate
choreography....he is great at what he does. and he leads them.

there is a science behind this. dosa says that you walk
with them...observe them...then make money
by safely standing apart from them. and i believe
this is what terrance has done.

i dunno if i can do it.
can i?
dunno if i want to do it.

brandon leaves for the summer today


dj kemits birthday!
wooo hoooo, most fun i've had in a long time!

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