Tuesday, March 21, 2006

who am i? nah I KNOW WHO I AM....well, pretty sure i do. (sigh)

when i woke up, i could hear everything around me, but i
felt as though i was going deaf. it was odd. almost like i could
see the universe, but i wasn't apart of it. i am frozen.
i've got to start moving.


its bigger than me.
way bigger than me
saying yes to God means:
1. sometimes u create enemies with others (you may even create enemies within)
2. self denial (something in me has got to die)
3. you face truth
4. you experience joy

i see this now. there are probably a number of other things, but i see this now.


cancer tends to travel
to all prayer warriors,
please keep my auntie in mind


he has officially camped out in my thoughts.
can't shake it. him. not so sure what to do.
i try to do what i wanna do, but this is one
time i am not certain that what i want to
do is what i need to do.


i hear voices. every single day, i hear voices.
i sometimes mentally respond. (smile) i
sometimes verbally respond. all of these
voices are within me, but not all of them
are righteous. many of them are not.
the alchemist speaks of how fickle the
heart is. gotta read more so that i can
learn us (God and i that is) so well that i
immediatly can detect who's who.


got a new crush this month.
crushes are a gift. truly.

1 comment:

fruitfly4 said...

1) i will keep your auntie in my toughts and prayers

2) the talent/ gift of discernment is one that we may not know to ask for until this stage in life

3) be comforted in knowing that even if there are voices that are not righteous, it is only the Omniscient who gives them power to speak

4) crushes are the best