Saturday, March 18, 2006

my very first child.

8 women that i love...are now pregnant.
at first it was exciting, but as the numbers grew, it became a bit alarming. i had never known so many pregnant women, at once, and everyone between the ages of 18-30. it is so interesting how women take on the traits of who they share company a result, i am too pregnant.

its crazy.
i know for a fact that something is growing inside me. this now consumes my thoughts, i envision our future and everything that is to come. i can't say that i'm overly confident, but i am 100% hopeful. it kind of concerns me that i am not overly confident, but he told me "KNOW that failure is never an option". and i do know this. the realm of the unknown is just so ... big. my thoughts shift daily. i often lose focus, and get off track. i am truly uncomfortable. uncertain. and for this to be coming from me, i oddly feel as though i, myself am not completely involved (weird, i know).

i will prepare
i will commit
i will study

so i move forward
"everyone should carefully observe which way his heart draws him, and then choose that way with all his (or her) strength" -hasidic saying

i choose to move towards being an independent stylist.
get website in order
peter simon
why does this stick with me so tough?
...figure it out.

the art of the start
-guy kawasaki


fruitfly4 said...

will you be anywhere near spelman in the coming week? it would be lovely to see you. i have some very important, style related questions to ask.

Alii said...

glad to see youre back. Does htis mean that youll be rockin the maternity wear? heheheheh