Wednesday, November 09, 2005

what a fall.....

i am sure that this is something that i say during every change of season....BUT i am feeling like this fall will be memorable forever. i drive down the street and literally get tears in my eyes. everything looks absolutely crisp. the blending of the colors are perfect.
i whisper goodbyes to the leaves as i watch them float from the branches to the ground. their lives are over, and their jobs have been served. like really...i wave goodbye to them.
and i think to myself...u did a good job, God is happy, u served your purpose. i guess i wanna be just like those leaves.

(disclaimer: all is not well) well, its going the way its supposed to be...sigh.
at any rate, i still feel light on my feet, creative, desired, kind, i dunno, i feel good.

lets see....updates...
well this weekend was absolutely eventful. two photo shoots and one meeting for a fashion show. the first shoot was dope...indian models....(some of the most hood women from pakistan i had ever met)....exotic product/retail shoot. i was SO excited. great shoot. long. but still great

*models are starting to get on my all models out there...U ARE NOT THE STYLIST, U ARE A WALKING (SOMETIMES SITTING) HANGER...BE QUIET AND PRETTY*

second shoot was a bridal shoot on monday. sigh....pamela shepard doesn't even get geeked offa wedding dresses. and it was such an unconventional shoot simply because everything was provided. the dress, jewelry, shoes, the bride to be had all of that. the only thing was that her dress had not yet been i was there for that. we did that shoot in the suntrust building downtown. beautiful.

sunday, i was the last person to arrive for the meeting. "this is pam...she is a stylist, we are humbled to work with her cuz her work is awesome". whatta intro. so as i stood there with a goofy grin, after a delayed silence, i said "thank you". i waved, and sat down. the meeting was brief. i gotta feel for the theme of the show. number of models. blah blah blah. as everyone continued to sit aroud and socialize, i dipped out.

first rehearsal was last night. what have i gotten myself into. now mind you, the day i came to the first meeting, one of the directors pulled me aside and said "girl i might need u to walk in the show!"
"but i'm the stylist"
"oh we can work it out so u can do both"
"thats a little much, i'd rather not"
i go up there last night with nia. i needed someone to write down the order of the models and who wore what. she was my assistant. my bridal shoot i had a 40 year old woman as my assistant. THAT TICKLED ME. she was sweating me for so much ifno...i admire her!
back to nia
the directors pull me aside "oh we may need her in the show". i look at them like...damn do ya'll have women models...whats the issue, why are u recruiting everyone with breasts? i sigh, look at nia, who is the midst of the male models quasi posing and doing a great job of acting non interested in her surroundings.
"yea she'll do it".
they squeal with delight. "well does she need any training?"
"nope...she is a performer"
i tell nia she has been recruited...she acts momentarily irritated and stressed, as she gets in the back of the model line all in one swift motion. as i stylist i do print work. there i come up with the looks...and bring the aesthetic together. ummmm...this is so different. i don't want to step on any toes, so i make sure that i meet the vision of the designers and boutique. so basically i execute what i am told. and i feel like what i am being told is wak. wiggaty wak!

one store comes in with six pairs of jeans. and thats it.
he says "the girls are gonna walk with just the jeans, no shirts, covering their breasts".
creative pam "YES! and we can put sooooo much jewelry on them that little skin shows. the jewelry with serve the purpse as the shirts. bangles up their arms. chokers, neclackes, neckpieces, the whole nine. long earrrings..."
"no, we were just thinking, bangles"
...sad pam "oh, okay..."
that is so wak. wiggaty wiggaty wiggaty WAK. women with no shirts, orginal right? NO. not at all. and THEN he had the audacity to pick only two models for the six jeans. so ur scene is not only just jeans....but two girls wearing them. thats absolutely uninteresting.

so now i am concerned. when i am acknowledged at the end will people think that i styled the entire show? like those were all my ideas....? geez....i gotta figure this out. i am so agains that jean segment...thas not gonna work.

two models (out of maybe 15 girls) can walk. two. nia (surprise, surprise) and this chick shayla. everyone else looks damn near silly. but then i don't wanna overstep my boundries, cuz that is not my role. but then i don't wanna be apart of a silly wak show. pray pam. do somethin.

pics from the retail/product shoot are not exporting from the camera. this is delaying my sending the pics to the company. i give it to God.

all will be well...its too beautiful outside for it not to be.


Alii said...

your life sounds so exciting! i envy people with your creativity in creativity usually results in t shirt or jeans- beyond that- who knows...

fruitfly4 said...

i think the show will be fabulous, and in the mean time i will try to contrive a way for you to fashionably display - on your person - that the wack jean segment was not my doing. maybe a chich t-shirt that says, "blame the designers" or "designers score points, but stylists win the game," i dunno...but to whatever less-than-splendiferous-sigh-worthy scenarios that are currently in your world, i pray that you get your lessons from them and bruch your shoulders off. love(ly)...


wild cowgirl said...

whoa. how much credit do u want for that slogan when i put it on a tshirt. hmmm....i am SO getting that this week. i will take a picture of it and post it.
maybe i can shout u out by placing fruitfly somewhere on the shirt. AhA! thanks teresa!

fruitfly4 said...

just here to help ;+)

Viridian Sun said...

Hey Cowgirl,
I didn't know you had a blog (this is Monique by the way). This one was great... you are a poet with fabric and light instead of a pen. I could really see the grunt behind the glam, but it all still sounds fabulous.

I was just in DC last week (well Silver Spring actually) eating seafood gumbo and making jewelry with all the firey colors of the trees surrounding... I so did not want to come back to this dirty city.

My homegirl goes to FIT, if you're ever in town, hit me up so that I can introduce you. She's not a stylist/designer, but she's sweet and knows others in your line of work. Hold it down girl... the show must go on!