Thursday, November 03, 2005

She is so awesome....

its up to us to pay attention to the omens. both good and bad. God wants our attention, and quite frankly, she of all people deserves it. (i'm feelin like God is a woman today...she's been so compassionate and nurturing these past couple of days).

so i am really hard on myself with this styling stuff. and i almost feel like if something is not popping off for me at least once a week...then i am seriously wasting time...not doing what i need to do. and i think that i have come to the conclusion that my thoughts are only partially true. yes, i do need to stay busy and engrossed with this...this needs to become my everything...but on the flipside, this is the type of work that can be wishy washy. nothing about freelance styling is synonomous with 9 to 5 stability. i get it.

so this week, and last week (even though i did place the warriors party as my priority) i haven't really had any styling projects. and that frustrates me. my mentor told me that a great deal of the market here in atlanta lies in styling for product/retail. not solely people. so this week it is my goal to get that in my portfolio. even though i am dreading it, because i have not one creative idea when it comes to the thought of styling a camera or a piece of jewelry or even a toaster. sigh....i don't even think of that as styling...thas set design. but, i do want to show my versatility. karla encouraged me to look though magazines when i expressed my difficulty with strong ideas. i tried...but when i look through magazines, i am damn near thinking up ways to slightly copy what i see. not the route...

tuesday i had lunch at slice. it was me...nia...t.i....and the rest of the commoners. LOL...well t.i. was there, just not with us. my friend came and sat by me...
"so ms. pam what are u up to?"
"staying on the grind to be the best stylist i can be...and u?"
"yeah....i just did ludacris "georgia" video. and i style for this rock band"

why did i get SO down after that conversation. u have to understand that this young man and i used to model together. we also graduated at the same time. i felt so behind. discouraged even. so i kicked rocks throughout the rest of the day... i mean i was really down, just feeling like my progress is moving so slowly.

i love how God screams at me. honor your journey. within hours a weekend packed with events surfaced for me....
thursday...meeting with a makeup artist and local photographers
.....meeting with the art renaissance project (art and fashion) so i can show work and meet with the models so i can style for the fashion show ( i believe its friday)
REWIND... a call from ambrosi (image consulting company) about sending samples of my work. AHAHHHHHHAAAA!
friday....i presume the fashion show
saturday.....modeling for a shoot with a new boutique in lil 5.....a nous (check it out) dope and affordable accessories......styling for a shoot for another boutique bombay gal (auburn ave) good stuff too....
all of these opportunities came up in hours

by monday i should have shot enough product/retail to send into ambrosi as an addition to my portfolio....

praise God from whom all blessings flow...thank you for being so attentive and timely.
i feel that you're always attentive (but in my immature point of view) not always so timely.
thanks for this though!

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fruitfly4 said...

who is that amazing woman? is that your work?... i admire your hustle, hunni. i still want to freelance and be like you when i grow up...yeah, the universe does have a funny way of saying, "uh-huh...okay...what's up?... shut-up!" glad it's working out, though. it always does, doesn't it?

ps - your look for the warriors party was great! =+)