Wednesday, October 19, 2005

keep movin!

dc trip was LIKE THAT! kicked it with the fam...produced GOOD work (not only styled but had the freedom to come up with concepts as well)...played rich black girl with my best fried for 3days in the hotel...received a standing ovation for the video presentation for cried....i cried...dc was GOOD man.

x-fares is the work of the devil. and even though i am not yet too old to stop using it, i choose to stop using x-fares. both leaving atlanta, and leaving baltimore to return to atlanta was a hassle. i wasted mad time in the airport. but made friends both times. cool folks. now that i think of it i came into space with many angels that were helping me out in those airports. i had bought a salad from o'charley's. but they didn't have honey mustard and only had lowfat ranch. ugh. so i went to another food spot to inquire about some honey mustard.
"you gonna join us and eat here today?"
"no sir. i was just wondering if u guys have honey mustard? "
"nah....we sell wings"
he aint have to play me...i've dipped wings in honey mustard before, but whatever.
i scoffed, smirked, and walked away.
YO....I RETURNED TO MY GATE....WHY WAS DUDE ON MY BACK LIKE 5 SECONDS LATER WITH TWO PACKS OF HONEY MUSTARD. aww man...he boosted my life times ten. i was not so much looking forward to that salad any longer...and he, that quickly, shifted my outlook as to how that salad would taste.

i was a happy girl to say the least.

so whatever...xfares sucks. air tran workers suck (well 2 do). i had to speak to a manager about 1. i was too rushed to get on the other woman's back. jerkwads...for NO reason. i dunno, i just remember my 5 years in customer service...and yes i had bad days...but damn dude my role was still to serveeeee customersssss...

got back to the a. i love this city. its home. the weather was fabulous when i stepped outside of hartsfield. i had to buy hoodies to stay warm in dc. went back to my aun't house to get changed.
"pam, my time is growing short here. i am just trying to make sure that your aunt and the kids are taken care of. i see my mother so clearly now. i hear my brothers laughter in my ears all the time. and i just see life clearly. what is and isn't important. yea....death is close...."

geez. i constantly speak to him about his attitude. his attitude about life sucks. however, he spoke to me with such a clarity that i had no words to offer. i sat silent. i have a message to relay to him (since he foresees his departure)....God please help me to relay the words with clarity and conviction....please all for a moment, and help me to recognize the moment, when it is best for me to speak....please allow his spirit to be receptive.

God is good man.

went to the city. went to work. had a lot to do. met with milan at that thrift store (location remains disclosed). went to eat....went to javaology to do work. couldn't because there was a party goin on around me and who did pam meet...
only an extremely established FREELANCE STYLIST in this city. sis was awesome. she wrote out a buttload of information for me. gave me words of encouragement and direction. gave me her cell and and email and told me to stay close. mentor. DING DING DING. i like her spirit.

so yesterday i applied, for the first time ever, to a position entitled STYLIST. yo...usually stuff is like bits and pieces of what i want to do, but never the actual job. life is good.
pictures are coming in....ha ha hahhhhhhh!

went to morehouse.spelman fashion show. BIG UPS TO AL! wowsers. best show i've seen since i've been in college. it was beautiful! got a lil sad....wasn't modeling...wasn't directing....wasn't helping out backstage....just a lame graduate in vip. sigh...awesome show nevertheless. i knew mad photographers last night, and that did wonders for my spirit. i'd like to announce....pamela shepard is getting around....LOL.i welcome this reputation with open arms!

i saw tiona....hi tiona! tiona...i enjoy your style...everytime i see u...its such a treat!

had a freakin power couple sitting in front of me. he was flawless...she was cute...and their baby was adorable. they knew every single person in vip. and everyone was so geeked to talk to them. yea...definitely had to figure out who they were...and in turn tell them who i was. the power couple does like everything withing fashion in atl....modeling agency....image studio....the list goes on....

"oh pam, i am so glad you spoke....way to be observant. yea man we are always looking for new stylists. let me get your if i give u mine?"
"please do."

the moral of the story is....regardless of what the outcomes may be...the possibilities in the moment are SO encouraging.

i am a stylist. i am a stylist. i am a stylist. i am a stylist. i am a stylist. i am a stylist!


The Humanity Critic said...

seem like you had a great time. Cool.

saundela said...

Hi! I am doing a project on AirTran’s X-Fares Standby Program for one of my marketing courses this semester and I am trying to get a hold of some X-Fares users. I want to hear about users’ experiences good or bad and what you think could be done to make the program better. I would really appreciate your help! THANK YOU!