Wednesday, June 08, 2005

home sour home

*note, first time blogging with people around me*

i wasn't really trippin off of grandma's death...and then my foot touched north carolinian soils. i'm heavy. it took me an extremely long time to actually move today. i woke up....quasi attempted to look for airlines for my auntie....wak connection prevented me from being successful. sat around in my shirt and blown because my flowy florence made a small statement on my sheets. ugh. jamal called...we talked. i told him i was leaving, and he got down....i told him why i was leaving, and he got really down. i slowly moved from room to stuck for an extended period of time in each room. my sister called...and i told her i was packing to leave. got up, went to the kitchen and cooked eggs with waffles. watched frasier. answered phone calls. kept thinking i had to cash a check at the bank (still can't find my atm card) that i could have cash that would allow to board the plane. got juice. guava pineapple. answered phone calls.

and finally i showered.

rushed rushed rushed to get out the house to the bank...took an hour to actually get out the house.

went to the bank. went thru the drive thru, only to be informed that i had to actually come inside the bank. "internal transactions require you to come inside mam". went inside. got nervous i wouldn't even get my money. got my money!

eb picked me up. went to the airport. again, tried to get my ticked outside the airport. again, the workers tried to begin my transaction...only to tell me that xfares required that i went inside the airport. theme of the day you ask? GO INSIDE. hmmm...

ummm...the worker inside was anal retentive "well mam, you're only supposed to be allowed 2 hour advance, you really should wait twenty more minutes" ugh. got my ticket stood in security check line for a million years.

got to my terminal. and just sat. reached for my actually picked anything up. gazed out the window. and watched the nearby children. so interesting to see the strong personalities in such little people. finally, got on the plane. 29C.

sat next to jesus christ's godson. "my dream job pam? be in service for the Lord". i enjoyed him...he was pleasent to converse with.

plane landed. i got heavy.

these next few days will be up and down for me....haven't seen mom yet

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Grace the Globe Trotter said...

hi pam.. i am so sorry to hear about your grandmother... you and your family are in my prayers... and i am sending all of my love to you.. LOVE.... LOVE.... LOVE.... LOVE... LOVE... LOVE..... LOVE... LOVE... LOVE... LOVE... LOVE.... and there is more where that came from...