Saturday, June 04, 2005

a better day...

so for the past 4 days i have been stuck in a disgusting slump. can't say i've ever experienced this. i have been pretty much a hermit, and i've had most contact with mi computadora. sigh...well its been broken. PRAISE GOD!

i went to an art district last night, where all these galleries were opening. i was impressed by a lot of the work, blown by some of it. got info for K, so she can have a greater pool of artists to pull from when it comes to curating. called grace, to confirm her brilliance in photography.
ha...found out that the photographer that i emailed yesterday was $500 for 1 look. heh heh heh...his work was featured last night. oh no sir. let me be his charity case.

i pray for drive, vision, and being ready to work hard.

i saw jabari's work all over every wall i approached. K...grace...jabari....they make me feel talented, just to be a friend.

last night was good for me. got me amped allllll over again. i am gifted. i am creative. i am a visionary. and it is my obligation to see my dreams into fruition. work hard pammy poo bear.

....lost my atm card....

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