Sunday, February 07, 2010

led by feelings

instinct is a priceless guide.
resistance against what feels right
is a waste of my time.

this is fact:
if i do my part (and do it well)
then i am progressing.

that's all i really need to know.
and its honestly good enough for me.

i have enough past proof to trust this fact.


my vision is hazy.
there was a time when this frustrated me,
i wanted to know what i was working towards.
because then i would know what steps to take
to get there.

i envied zora neale hurston who had
flashes of scenes that would take place in
days/years/decades to come. she had a
sense of her future.

that hasn't been my life and that's fine.
i am now cool with being partially blind.
i just think about the type of
work that i want to be doing...and give thanks
for being able to live that now.

i do have one clear detail about what's to come.
i want it to be bigger than me...
if other people can eat off of this work, then
a full harvest will have been reaped.
that will be a testament to my patience and persistence.

mama fed me. and her mama fed her.

... i too plan to feed a lot of folks.


teresa said...

some of us feel nourished by you already, miss pam.

moleculeColony said...

this is perfect attitude towards the complexity of life...
brain scientists say brain is so complicated that often we get into its ways and disturb it...

thinking can only handle simple things, can handle simple things well, and should also stay within its confinements...
whenever you feel your thinking is kind of overcharged, shut it off and do as you do

(hint: most effective strategy is to get aware of the problem, then not think about it but do something else - let the brain work about it below yourself -, and suddenly the solution is there)

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