Wednesday, November 11, 2009

what looks like crazy on an ordinary day

set location: the bathtub


nina: hey mom. after this, i can go pick out my clothes for tomorrow.

robin: nina, no. you are only 3 years old, and you will not be picking out your clothes
everyday. it takes too long, and you don't know what you need to wear. i am your
mom, and i know what you need to wear on a cold day, or a hot day.

nina: ((begins to whimper))

robin: no nina! you are still little, and need help. we can't do that every morning.
and don't you dare have an accident on purpose at school thinking that you can
change clothes...because i will pack clothes in your bag that i know you don't
like to wear! no more accidents just so you can change clothes nina!
you gotta stop that.

nina: ((wails))

robin: but remember that you get to dress yourself on the weekends...and thats fun.
i let you pick out and wear whatever you want, so that's the balance. you understand?

nina: ((murmured through sobbing)) yes mam

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viridiansun said...

I love how Robin cares to explain the root, cause, possibilities, options, consequences etc. to that child. And that crazy girl is still a crazy little girl, but she FULLY understands. You guys are going to have a wild GENIUS on your hands.