Tuesday, August 25, 2009

and so She said

"the light cancels out darkness all the time,
and that is the premise that we have to live by.
that is my encouragement"


i often speak in terms of light...and today i understood
that its not original thinking on my behalf. the presence
of my mother has shaped me. i submit to this fact.

my cousin is suffocating, and is in a space where its a
challenge for her to breathe. her vision is blurry
and her speech is muffled. she has temporarily
misplaced her source. her mother just died
and she opts to sit alone. with shades drawn and
no communication she is pushing away those that
love her. shoving, not nudging, screaming, not speaking.

the mind is a deep deep cavern.
it has the power to make you feel brilliant and sharp.
as well as terrifyingly outside of sanity (perhaps all in the same day)
...in between we float along, subconsciously navigating
where we wish to rest.

if she is close, hug and kiss her.

if she is far, send love her way.

give thanks for mamas.

1 comment:

teresa said...

prayers and positive thoughts for your cousin. depression and grieving are difficult processes.

sending love and light.