Tuesday, July 21, 2009

my foresight is ill...

...i just KNEW that this was perfectly fine for a ten year old.

behind the scenes from pamela shepard on Vimeo.

yes yes...the song is problematic for a million + one reasons.
wanna know what else is problematic for a million + one reasons?

mcdonalds fries.
rich, beautiful men.
dirty fingernails.
gossip goons.

...glad we covered that.

this video is gawgeous!


shayla said...


1. u guys are too presh
2. the video is hot
3. yes for sophistication and "hip-hop"
4. u know how i feel about calm colors... this is the epitome of the step i'm taking after my taupe phase
5. this is now the inspiration for my decor

that is all

thanks again

viridiansun said...

rich (or lame) gorgeous men...