Monday, July 27, 2009

e-pen pals

cool hunter introduced me to this guy.

everyone, meet pedro.
my new e-pal that lives in portugal.

after spending lots of time on his website,
i put together a collage for my design lovers
and sent out his work.

"who's heard of this guy?...he's mine!'

before leaving the house, i decided to send him an email
telling him how connected i felt to his work...and how
much i enjoyed that feeling.

i went clothes...and returned to an email
that read:

Thank you so much, that words means a lot to me.
I knew your work/ website before, so its a really nice surprise your email.

Could i ask you something, how is to live in NY?

Thank you,

so of course i got extremely emotional and hyper.
i love that there are communities of folks that see one

even when its hard to see...i will always have somebody.
that is a gift.


-the end.


teresa said...

thank heavens for connections and for the capability to feel closer to those who are so far away.

viridiansun said...

Pam, you are special.
This man... my new desktop.
I love all this language