Sunday, June 07, 2009

never. again.

i do believe in tapping out...and sometimes choosing not to be present.

escaping can be necessary.

and healthy.


friday 2am - saturday 8am was an imaginary block of time.

...i can only imagine.

perhaps i flew to rome with the rainbow wings growing out of my back.

or maybe i sat indian style on a cushy shag carpet.

then again, i could have been finger painting with molasses.

i'm not too sure.

friday 2am - saturday 8am was neither necessary nor healthy.

i can't even confirm my misery.

i'm just certain that saturday at 8:01am didn't feel so good.

my immediate surroundings were unfamiliar.

...and stained.



water is a superhero.

it both cleans and purifies.

it equally meets the needs of both a shell and its interior.

amazing right?!

it just pushes the bad guys out of the way.

and you know what else?

its tricky and trippy. can be a solid, liquid, or gas.

my new nickname is SPLASHY.

please address me as such.

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