Sunday, May 03, 2009

speaking of holy...

today ryan was baptized.

..and not baptized like aunt pam at 7:
7am "mom, i think i wanna be baptized today."

"really pam? why?"

"ummm, its just time" (signal #1 the child is shuckin and jivin, the vague, deep, but not deep at all response)

pause. pause. pause. "well, we'll see how you feel in service"

"yup, i'm doin it"

little pam, goes to church, and sleeps the entire service.

end of service.

mom rubbing me on my back.

"ummm, pam. its call to worship. but i don't think you're..."

"oh no mom. i'm going"

wipe the sleep out of my eyes, hop up. walk down from the balcony.

march to the front. join church.

so sad. i should be really embarrassed by that story.

ryan, on the other hand, is 15. as he told me this morning
"i am a mid-teen. its rough here. i'm not a kid, and i'm not grown."

he's right...he is exiting childhood and growing up.
thinking independently. moving in his own time. and making decisions
for himself.

wanna see/hear/feel some more religion?

When I Grow Up from Fever Ray on Vimeo.

i BELIEVE in her.


Ashli w/ an Eye said...

1)Love this.
We grow/experience/move in our own the temple of our familiar.

2) I know, I know....I bolted to BK and didn't shout out the big homie Queen Pammy. I will be in touch soon about planning a personal trip...promise.

shayla said...

don't be embarrassed pam.. at least u had the desire in ur heart

my mom took me by the hand at age 6 and put me on the path down to the front of the church.. i had NO idea what was going on ::sigh::

shayla said...

by the way.. the image, that image, man... ::shivers:: i like it a lot

fruitfly4 said...

i remember when...

my sibs and i joined our church home, we really wanted to sing in the children's choir.

viridiansun said...

u know how i feel about the children.

but um...
the vid
you are in love with folks on the hard stuff.