Friday, May 15, 2009


"so how did you and uncle joe meet?"

..."girl, in the club. its not there anymore, but
we met at tremors in north raleigh"

"this is getting redundant...i have been here 4 days, and you are the
3rd person to talk about meeting her husband in the club.

"girl yea. i met my man dancin. and you know what else??"


"i knew that he would be my husband that very night. i told my girlfriend"


we sat on the porch as she smoked. my aunt wilma. hails from puerto rico
with her baby face, wide eyes, friendly smile, and wavy, grey streaked hair.

...she's cute, i too would have noticed her in a crowd.

my folks are my friends.


eb wanted me to come to adam's morgan.

milan wanted me to meet her for happy hour.

mom and dad invited me to run to cvs, return the movie to redbox, grab water ice, and CRUISE.

now you tell me how my night unfolded.

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Ashli w/ an Eye said...

And ur in DC? Ouch.