Tuesday, May 26, 2009

middle ground.

he said: because i love old new york. people were so hungry, and everything was much less contrived.

i said: what is that about? it's crazy you're saying this, because i have had this reoccurring thought this past week. we're always trying to recreate the past...we want stuff to resemble how things once were. we all do it all the time.

he said: hmmmm

i said: like the stevie wonder party, everyone talks about how much better it was last year. and the year before that. and the year before that. we are always comparing to how things were before. complaining because everything was so much better back then. WAS IT SO MUCH BETTER? i dunno...

he said: i think the future is scary.

i said: hmmmm

he said: there is something wholesome about the past. we can identify with it because we have lived it.


... from pamela shepard on Vimeo.


tiona said...


teresa said...

i get nostalgic aches for old NY when i watch early woody allen or spike lee movies. but i don't want to go back in time because from the present i can enjoy the old and the new. also, i think we can sometimes romanticize the past - recalling the good and forgetting the bad. selective memory is a trip! (that's my 2 cents, anyway.)

shayla said...

you have done it again
love this!!

this is life, our path, only seeing right where we are... and maybe a few step ahead.. sometimes we climb, sometimes there is darkness, sometimes we must stop and pause..

but we move forward
just like you said

yeah, about that 5 yr plan...

ms. swifty said...

ahhhh nostalgia.
i'm heavy on that i heart nyc
kick right now.
well, i have been for the past 2 weeks.
i just miss it...
but i've emerged from the funk
and am embracing the adventure
that is discovering the new!

the future is indeed scary,
but that's the beauty of it.
thanks for your comment on the
atl move.
i'm inspired and intrigued!
check it - shotbykristy.com/blog