Sunday, April 26, 2009

reversing the universe

is entirely possible.

lets say i didn't like how things panned out the first time.

...i overreacted

...i initiated silence.

...i pretended to be indifferent.

whatever I may have done...I can still go back and push that part of ME aside.

the universe is forgiving.

feel free to go back and change your response.

you're allowed. welcomed even.

good things come when you simply do the right thing.

give good.
give good.
give good.
give good.


i'm getting so good and grown.

it's quite beautiful.


Ashli w/ an Eye said...

My affirmation for today was: growing up is like being dropped off in the woods and finding your way back home year after year. My finding my way home means loving more and fearlessly with each passing day. I love the path on which you travel Queen!

viridiansun said...

"say you're sorry"

misstertea said...

you should play a sad song...