Wednesday, April 08, 2009

head trip.

some days are easier than others.
i'm being dramatic, i digress.

starting over.
most of my days are pretty damn good.
today was a bit frustrating.
just difficult.

i stepped backwards and laid around in
the sunlight from my past.
i applied proof from yesterday to support my
wishful thinking today.
i didn't remember any hiccups or
glimpse any lingering blemishes.

i saw him clearly in my head.
and i liked what i saw.
but he wasn't really here.
just in my head.
and being just in my head is often times
more than enough.
but not today.
today sucked.


you all are tired of hearing about it.
so i'll be quiet.
..and just write it on my blog.
my buddy Blogger never judges me.
she/he lets me say whatever i want.

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Rosalba Inés said...

how beautiful are your pictures!...
sorry, my english it´s terrible