Monday, March 30, 2009

all coming from the same place.

this is where i am. and you are not invited. (sorry)

her lemon colored dress reminded me of the sorbet that we ate
as children. i felt that she always deserved the final spoonful of our icy
treat. ... and she expected it. if i was as pretty as her, i would probably
expect it too.

grownups always admired her clean clothes and perfectly pressed hair.
no matter how carefully i ate my meals or constantly tugged at my
braids, i consistently looked sloppy when standing by her side. i could
never seem to keep my barrettes on the ends of my hair. i would
find them on the bathroom floor, in the laundry hamper, on the
stoop, in the flower bed. any and everywhere. i would even grab
extra barrettes in the morning, and replace my lost ones
throughout the day. i could never keep up. my plaits
demanded that at least one be missing.

my lack of a polished presentation annoyed me, but i understood
that i couldn't change. stains and mix-matching accessories
were who i was. and this was how i was measured...ranked even.
number two. i am sure that if i were apart of a trio, then i definitely
would be number three. my place was behind.

she wore lemon and i wore mustard.


on another note.
its kind of annoying when clients act shocked after
hearing my day rate. it is what it is.
and *WARNING*...with this recession just might go up.

tee hee.

1. i got a haircut. damn dominicans. yay eve (

2. yoga is metaphoric for how i approach life.

3. he came to town. had a huge meeting. fed me. and flew away (within 8 hours)

4. i want to purchase an easter dress.

5. minding my business. gots lot to mind.


DePaRK said...

Yea I guess that's human nature to compare one's self to another being. When in actuality we are all God's masterpieces! All are imperfections (or what we deem imperfection)actually make us who we are. Alverna you are Beautiful inside out!

-Amen! :-)

viridiansun said...

One pretty girl Easter comin up!
I love Delly's response.

Delly Dell, I'm feelin you shawty.

Ashe & Amen!

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