Sunday, February 22, 2009


so the other day i assisted on my very first commercial.
as the young assistant i floated in with enthusiasm and
an eagerness to work. careful to not heavily engage in
the socializing on set...but also aware of not alienating
myself...i did my job.

assisting is an art.

you must be efficient, proactive, a problem
solver, able to negotiate, a good listener,
a memorizer, and most of all...capable. but not
so capable where anyone above of you has
been outshined.
and momentarily forgotten.

that is uncomfortable territory.
(i've been told to watch the old film "all about eve")

i walked in and chuck amos said...
"you're a doll! i LOVE your hair"
that's equivlant to steve jobs entering your office, sitting down
at your computer and saying..."great system...who built this?"

...kind of. i could have presented a better anology...but whatever.

hugs, kisses, hugs, kisses, compliments, bashful smiles, la dee da.

"oh pam...thats the director of photography...he is so dope. his resume is insane...
my favorite work that he is done is with spike and julie dash"

the man standing before me is easily fifty years old.
about my complexion and my height....with a beautifully chisled...but not
intimidating, face. he looks at me, steps forward, reaches
down to shake my hand and says "good morning pamela"

bottom up.
freshly dingy white converse
slightly sagging worn denim (with an incredible fit)
a red plaid button up with a white tee peeking out from underneath
and this trench. the most beautifully cut khaki trench. it had no bells or whistles...just clean design.
his grey and black curls sat under his navy wool hat.

j. crew met yohji.

i've always imagined how my man would age.
he stepped out of my head and stood before me.

at the close of the day he approached me with a smile on his face.
he said "tell me your name one more time"
for a second time, i extended my hand to meet his "pamela"

judge me not. but i would happily be his mid-life crisis.


blame me for the lady in blue.


Ashli w/ an Eye said...

I'm a fan of dingy fresh converse...any color

shayla said... it... i can see him... he's effing hott... if he's straight and single i'm sure you have a chance ;)

...hey, saw my dude karibi in the commercial

viridiansun said...

#1 i'm judging't tell us you'd gladly be his mid-life crisis without shame! can't you just be his pyt or muse?

#2 Chuck Amos??!!! checked out the pics... so MOVED. He is the god of hair...end of story.

#3 finished product... heh. way to go sista girl.