Saturday, January 24, 2009

highlights made possible by their bright lights.

night of january 17th

dad took an abrupt turn to show me the new outer addition on the house.
mom kept questioning how much i liked the renovations.
aunt celeste announced her onset of arthritis and the loss of her hair.
mom smiled and smiled continuously calling us her "negro children"
milan instructed me to meet her in adams morgan
kwesi gave me directions to his home to swing by.
monique got annoyed with my tone.
the perfect parking spot was achieved after 45 minutes
chico left.
i arrived.

chico text the word "chinchila"
milan walked in wearing one
ashland questioned whether or not i was on heroin.
monique and i hugged after my apology.
kwesi bought drinks.

i danced.
we all danced.

came home. ate leftover chili. watched snoop's fatherhood.


evening of january 18th

carm gave me straightforward directions.
monique requested a detour to buy socks.
we pulled into a community that was built yesterday.
carm welcomed us into her massive starter home.
her taste level is high but never too much.
we made a food run.
carmen came to sit on the couch so i could lay on her.
as a trio we watched fantasia barrino's life story.

we went to the airport to retrieve three of my top favorites.
nina. robin. grace.
tasha was at the house waiting for me.
a decent fraction of my family had arrived.
the young grew up a little bit more.

we sat around and played mafia.


afternoon of january 19

chico text me to see if i was going
my sister held carmen tightly upon arrival.
carm squeezed back.
we were late.
a pitstop was made to purchase flowers.
delmar said he wasn't coming because he was out.
milan and ebony glowed as birthday girls should.
hugs and kisses
hugs and kisses
hugs and kisses
oh, surprise, felix was there too.
chico smiled and offered a sweet embrace.
we all ate.
we all talked.
we all laughed.
delmar came.

she said "he is still an important character in your play"

early morning of january 20th

seventeen bodies slept in my father's office monday night.
we engaged in the ultimate sleepover, collapsing on
comforters, sleeping bags, and coats. my chunky
knit scarf served as my pillow. i had a miserable
rest, but i still woke up with energy and an awareness.
this feeling set the tone...
my entire day was filled with energy and awareness.

i walked outside into an atmosphere. that cradled
us all in its calm and optimistic spirit.


meliha and sasha rock my world.
moreso sasha.

it is a good time to be alive.
it is a necessary time to work.

lets stay woke.


viridiansun said...

Hold the phone!
#1) Jan 17 is missing a highlight str8 from FaddahKwes' mouth. starts with a "stu" ends with a "pid"

#2) I forgot that man asked if you were on Heroin LOL. Maryland kids.
(she's not everyone...i know you may have been wondering)

The Urbane Epicurean said...

I love this post...better than any documentary to be made of the weekend!