Monday, October 20, 2008

street art.
...its all very weird, i know.
don't ask me to explain anything, because
i really don't get the message.
i just see it EVERYWHERE...including
the front window of where i work.


i went the banksy exhibit twice last week.
(all the rats being wheatpasted in soho/LES)
i was both amused and disgusted...twice.


viridiansun said...

Rod Stuart offends me... get him outta here!

fruitfly4 said...

this makes me think of all the spray-painted ghosts i saw all over metro atlanta. at least i think they were ghosts - a cross between naive Casper drawings and the Gobble-Gobbles from the old PacMan video game. i meant to take pics of them before i left, but never got around to it.

interesting subject tho; rod stuart doesn't have that much presence in my mind.

reggie said...

i think the message is simple. rod stuart. he loves the hamptons.

i love eggs. i think i'll start spray painting that over all of puerto rico.

"reggie wilborn loves eggs."

Pete said...

Hahaha. I love all this Rod STuart loves the Hamptons graf. I too see it, and love that he/she only works in the posher parts of town. It's fitting. I really dig how off beat it all is, and the style is really sloppy, but it always catches my eye and makes me chuckle.

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