Monday, August 11, 2008

come by my house. and drop off packs upon packs of halls cough drops. please.

i have officially been sick for five days now.

...and feeling this way is beginning to feel normal.

i'm acting normal, my habits haven't changed.

thursday: i went to work. roamed soho. went to see jdavey.
friday: i skipped work. went on a date (well...thats by no means is normal)
saturday: i went to work. went out to eat. laughed and drank.
...i laughed and drank after: sudafed, thefa-flu, and echinacea.
i'm brilliant. i know.
sunday: i woke up (thankfully). went to church. went to brunch. ran errands. cleaned. watched movies.

all of this is normal behavior.
normal behavior for me.

the worst part about all of this is how embarressed i get when i'm on the train coughing up my lungs, and everyone looks at me like a diseased leper. (mony b lingo)
somehow my throat knows when i am entering the threshold of train doors...and involuntarily all moisture in my throat evaporates, and i begin to believe that the idea of saliva and its purposes is some ancient myth.

magically, it ONLY happens on the train.


i'm considering walking across the brooklyn bridge to get home tonight.
no need in upsetting perfectly content subway passengers.
i'll be fine.
i'll just walk alone.


the jodiest said...

Hey pam! Do you remember me? I met you around the time of the cold busted art show. I was the big dude that did the dangerdoom piece and dropped it off at your midtown office. I also was apart of a event at aphrodisiac salon. I took a bunch of pictures of you blowing up balloons. Anyway, I got a dude that can hook you up with a bulk size box of cough drops over off simpson road. I don't know where he got them from but I know I can get a good deal. Peace!

jody harris aka the jodiest

kwesiabbensetts said...

mannnnnnnn that dudes comment is funny and seemingly serious at the same time. Dunno pam need to get cough drop hustle game up.

Goldi gold said...

drink some jack str8. it will heat u up well. get better mama