Monday, July 07, 2008

it was all a dream!

pretty women. thunderous laughter. peaceful space. british accents. boca burgers. beyonce choreography. hand holding. pastel creations. relationship analysis. afro punk. tiona. sunday brunch. church clap. suggestive inquiry. barbie + deron. midday nap. wall-e/obama. atlanta revisited. nighttime stroll. color blind. locks + natural. astrology guru. 3am buzzer. unfinished business. quiet time. silent healing.
movie magic. different opinions. cameras clicking. hair braiding. pork + beans. missed calls. liquor + (his) wine. reconciliation meet-up. attitudinal behavior. sad + mourning. honest labels. static sitcom. rooftop fireworks. janelle monae. mon-qua. next level. scissors + skirts. class preparation. donwill. premature bedtimes. five spot. belligerent police. backseat emcees. jalylah's smile. eastern parkway. that boy.


if you're here tonight...please stand after hearing your name:

karla morrison.
pamela jackson.
kwesi abbensetts.
monique brantly.
grace sanders.

...everyone, please give these people a round of applause for being the best.

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