Thursday, May 08, 2008

contrary blood.

my mom says that my laughter is infectious...she loves to make me laugh.
my father says that i play too much..."life isn't a game pam".

no one should ever question why i am the way i am.


i am not in the mood to listen to or observe anyone's lessons.
i'm feeling exploratory.
...i'll figure it out. whatever it may be.

things to do:

take a shower in the rain.
buy a bicycle.
purchase a poloroid and lots and lots of film. (they're done in 2009).
build some stuff for my house. (let the materials be inspiring stuff i find laying around)
make my own smoothies. (and loaded salads)
and climb a tree. a tall tall tree.


tk said...

i'm loving the idea of climbing a tree... and polaroids are done in 2009? i'll be at the store my next paycheck!

fruitfly4 said...

i think a bicycle should be a necessity these days. besides the fun and exercise, gas prices are a trip! (oh to be in a pedestrian friendly space...)