Monday, April 07, 2008

pam's pink petal plan.

i'm back!
not that i was in a rush
to return...but, i'm here.
dc was perfect.
my life would be so
different if i lived there.
i think.

my parents have mastered
making our conversations
seem like we're having
them for the first time....

we reflect...laugh about
fond past memories. we joke
about one another's quirks.
i get all the updates on
family news. and then
i get a lecture about
planning for my future.

its like clockwork.
i pretend to be interested.
i chime in and finish a couple
of sentences. i nod my head.
and i say..."okayyy....will do"
how do i NOT see this coming

my parents will be responsible for
any and all of my success. simply because
they made me do "it". "it" is
a variable, because my "it" is
...i'm shifty.




fruitfly4 said...

these are lovely photos, and those cherry blossoms are the very reason i've got to make it to dc next year (for the festival).

fruitfly4 said...

...just checked out the link and read the article - yay indeed! go 'head, homie!

Shayla said...

lovin everything about the photos

pam has press :)