Sunday, April 20, 2008

don't see me.

my gown is blood red.
and it happens to be couture.
i'm walking barefoot,
and the sweetheart neckline exposes
my shoulders.when i wear this dress
my life is effortless...

people believe
everything i say... they all
believe what they see.

it's great because when i am actually
bleeding, no one ever knows.
the blood blends.

as long as i look good,
show a little skin,
and keep a smile....
i will continue to
receive fairly pleasant
the easy kind of attention...
not too much thought or energy
put forward.
...not from me at least.

"oh pam...your dress is beautiful"
"...its such a lovely color"

no one ever chooses to point out my
stains after they surface.

i wish they would, because i hate
looking dirty.

1 comment:

viridiansun said...

I like going to museums where the works are captioned...backstory and intent clearly stated so that everyone is understood. If left to my own interpretations...I see only what I'd like to see.