Thursday, February 21, 2008

grow up.

we sat across from one another.

we've known each other for about two years now.

but i only know so little about him.

"i don't read a lot of books. i hate having other people's thoughts placed on me.
i'd rather live it first. life is my education".

i chuckled at his organic approach and his dramatic delivery.

i asked him a lot of random questions.

do you believe in God?
do you have any favorites?
do you write?
what do your parents do?
are you happy?
who do you think is the best american designer?
what city have you enjoyed living in the most?
do you think your parents are proud of you?

"for what? i haven't done shit. my parents love me"

his every response was spoken with such conviction and certainty.


i need to think more often.
to simply sit still and think.
formulate conclusions for me.
tonight i realized that i have concrete and clear opinions about very little.

i want to be a more efficient researcher.
i need to be.


no identity crisis here.

she's tall.
she's pretty.
she's witty.

and he loves her.
well...i dunno that he loves her so much.
he is infatuated by her ways.
he chooses to be near her.

not that he was so much seeking her...
because he was already involved with another woman...
but now that he's here, he wants to stay in this new world.

she welcomes his company.
so he happily sticks around.

she touches him.
he turns around and touches his original lover.

whimsical dorothy parker is alone in her world.

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