Wednesday, January 02, 2008

i'm ready to dream.

i want to sit in the stands an watch a matador and a bull dance.

i want to dress my brother for an awards show.

i want to love a man that only cares to see me.

i want to take a road trip across the united states.

i want to write a book highlighting the brilliance of my chosen family.

i want to go bike riding in brooklyn.

i want to sponsor my parents in living out their wildest dreams. monthly.

i want to host a tea party wearing victorian costumes.

i want my mind, eyes, and hands to become perfectly in sync.

i want to live in a place where my surroundings are always in technicolor.

i want to dance with my mother to live music.

i want to lay on my back and look up at the aurora lights.

i want to have a backyard with hills.

i want to speak many languages.

i want to feel kisses that give me chills.

i want to have an account solely for funding loved ones.

this is all for now.


tk said...

fabulous way to begin the new year! i'm inspired... and thanks for the hair support.

misswhite said...

i want = i will