Saturday, December 15, 2007

this has to end...eventually.

its 11:22pm and i'm sittin in crack city.
she's running amuck...what a pity.
who remembers the purple ribbon allstars?
everyone wanted to be in the A...even kids on mars.
her hair is wild and her convo is everywhere.
she left her panties on the pair.
i am painting a woman with beady eyes.
it's really her sunflower face in disguise.
using watercolors to be exact.
pencil first, then going back over my tracks.
tonight she has a potty mouth.
i switched to ying yang twins, i miss the south.
we're heading to brooklyn in a bit.
what happened to the bone thugs n harmony clique?

...and tasha?

i keep looking at her and thinking of fraggle rock.
her brain is scattered, she just needs to stop.
sit down for a second and go to sleep.
allow her body and soul to meet.
after about a year...she has grown to hate her duvet.
i think its great, much like the martha stewart way.
fairly white and obvious quality.
her face broke out so she bought a new sheet.

she got introduced to a famous group of white boys.
and now their music...she really enjoys.
she got mad when i skipped over elanor rigby.
i just want to hear an 808 bass beat.
i rose to acknowledge mrs. olajide.
pretty woman, walked past me in her bare feet.
she's so happy because she bought some ntozake shange.
p.j. was the lady in brown, dope dope play.

its 11:40pm...and i'm still in crack city.
she's changed her focus and began a cleaning frenzy.
i just realized that the paint dried.
her lower and upper lids need to collide.
"even my conditioning has been conditioned"
brown skin lady, the original edition.
they built some new condos in her backyard.
she got free wireless because they're not too far.

karla is under the weather.
last night we slept together.


she's back in the room.
her crazed eyes are no longer in zoom.
she's sleepy now and has to work on sunday.
we gotta stop making every night a FUNDAY.
its 11:48...testing out rings on the blackberry.
northeastern storm is minutes away, seems scary.
i am screaming the signs of love making.
i feel ashamed...mrs. olagide has heard me sing.

she researched perfumes and their layers on google.
i want my mother's chanel no. 5, i'm frugal.
stevie demands that i don't worry about a thing.
her american apparel tights really do cling.
"i've never hated a man so much that i returned his diamonds"
she likes my necklace, got it from an old friend.
my sister emailed me a picture of her new tote.
i am going back to brooklyn, this is a joke.

its 11:57 and she is clipping her toenails.

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viridiansun said...

my first reaction is to say... eff you pam, I'm not crazy!

but really

i'm effing crazy. i kinda hate how well you captured my maniacal little behavior. i've never imagined myself this way. maybe i need to find a good 12step program. i don't even know who i am anymore. Thanks a lot jerk!