Saturday, December 29, 2007

duplicitous (?)

hi. i'm pam.

you're not a child anymore. pamela is your name.

i don't think pam is childish.

i do. its a nickname. its time for your name to match your age.

i like pam.

do you?

yea i do.

i don't think you really know pam. and you're entirely scared of pamela because you haven't explored her at all.

so you don't think i know me?


and how do you figure that?

you never spend time with her.

huh? does any of this even really matter to you?

not the way it used to. regardless of what name you choose to call yourself, you still don't know too much about you.

...and who are you?

i'm you.

1 comment:

fruitfly4 said...

and here i thought only gemini's talked to themselves...