Tuesday, November 27, 2007

so i say today.

being awakened by the moon is much more personal than the sun.
i'm apart of something exclusive and mature.
not everyone can handle this.

i want to.

it isn't completely full.
one edge is slightly straighter than the others.
a tiny chord at the bottom has been sliced away.

a prot'eg'e sits not too far below.
she is petite and cute.
and she twinkles more than shines.

i know that its fraternal twin is lurking nearby.
the backdrop says so.
...its blue...blue like a sailor suit.

and these flighty nomads tell all.
...they're pink...pink like cherry blossoms...
i am certain that the twin will be arriving shortly.

the moon is the prettier twin.

1 comment:

viridiansun said...

now what the eff is YOU talkin bout?!