Friday, November 23, 2007

new. new.

i had never seen anything like this before.
and i had to watch closely because everything moved
so quickly. there are times when the sky can
create a reflection that makes me believe
that an ocean is nearby. i begin to imagine
that the sun/moon is sitting on top of water...
and the exact image that i see on top, mirrors itself
perfectly below. clouds are always involved
in this illusion. they serve as a substitue for the water
that the reflection sits on.

for some reason, i couldn't stop thinking
about me giving birth to my first child.

thick nebulous clouds covered the moon.
it was orange (the moon).

the moon was steadily lowering, and it would ease its
way down below the clouds. but as
soon as the moon shifted down, the
clouds did the same. it was as though
they were gradually moving together while
alternating turns. just above the horizon,
the clouds got still, and they sat just high
enough over the open field so that i could
insert a full moon between the atmosphere's ceiling and
the floor. for the 5 seconds or so that i saw the complete
moon, it occurred to me that i had never really
thought about or imagined moonsets.

i try to make it a point to be outside when
the sun goes down...
but now i'm thinking that it just might be worth
it to be in north carolina on my parents back porch
at 5:00am every morning from now on.
(or at least once a week).

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viridiansun said...

is your clock ticking or something?!?