Saturday, August 25, 2007

the morning after....1 year later

i need to define myself...visually.

rjr said "i let go...and when i do, it's good"
..."i learned how to not get in my own way"
...."but that's my process, it works for me".

okay. i'm pretty sure that this works for me too. ?
it's becoming hard for me to deem the work i produce as "good".
when it comes to judgement is increasingly foggy.

..."i mean i do honor techniqure, but i know my limits"
i don't.
"many of the most formally trained artists must unlearn what their
hands now do instinctively. they have no style".

well this is perfect for me!
i know i know everything.
right on track right?
completely and utterly right.
(neither left nor wrong).
it's all right.

its alright.


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