Monday, August 06, 2007


Attraction inspires and influences a lot of what i do.
...or want to do.

i wonder how things would pan out on a daily basis if
i operated around the opposite. reacted from disgust.

the same i suppose.

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fruitfly4 said...

(i know i'm kind of late on this one, but...)
i don't think it would be the same. acting on attraction allows for a greater chance to be proactive. if you like what you do/want to do, and that is a good experience, then you will seek out things that attract you to have more good experiences.

if you only acted out of disgust, that seems more reactionary (e.g you are disgusted by something -> you are motivated to do something else). maybe the ultimate action is positive, but disgust doesn't feel good. so if nothing is apparently disgusting, you may sit idle. who wants seek out things that disgust them?

that's just the way i see it. attraction seems like a more posittive impetus with more positive outcomes. i try to operate from love - make everything i do connect, one way or another, to love. it's the strongest force there is (to me). anyway, a very thought provoking post (obviously). i'll stop filling your comments space with my philosophy thesis that never was.

peace out, homie.