Monday, June 25, 2007

this goes out to you...!

that's what infatuation is: the creation of an image of someone, without advising that someone as to what the image is.
-P.C. (you should already know by now)

seduction is a skill. a REAL LIFE skill.
to observe a person in action is like watching:

my nephew play chess
an architect sketch
a frog catch a fly
an archer aim...

it is all quite impressive.
real strategy is involved...
i don't think it comes to everyone easy.
some people learn how to carefully dance with others emotions....
and yes...students are amazing.
people that study, effectively learn, and apply inspire me.

but what about that that just know how to seduce?
no practice...just instinct.

i enjoy witnessing the act.
it excites me.
i can usually tell from the start who will win.
but there are times i am pleasently surprised.

i'm no seducer.
i'm just outright demanding.
(and a 32d)


viridiansun said...

Hey Fast,
I don't know what you're talking about and who you've been watching, but ur nasty!

moonchild said...

ima seducer...wink wink

and i graduated TOOOOOOO.

awwww shucks na!

moonchild said...

actually pam. ur a seducer and dont even know it!!

fruitfly4 said...

moonchild, i agree.

for real, man. you just don't know it.