Tuesday, June 19, 2007

bryant park.

remember lunch in high school?
(*ahem...this is montgomery county)

the trust fund kids.
the kids lost in their music.
the fashionistas.
the kids with an obvious future.
the jewish kids.
the dirty kids.
the loners.
the hippies that don't eat meat.
the trendsetters.
the athletes.
the loud/obnoxious intellectuals
the girls that get down...openly.
the elders that peep the girls that get down openly.
the weed heads.
the drug dealers.
the drama club performers.
the bad asses.
the bookworms.
the bible thumpers.

this is bryant park between the hours of noon - two.
just a bigger, greener, prettier lunch room.

1 comment:

fruitfly4 said...

girl if that's the case, this whole society is bryant park, and lunch hour is 24/7.