Sunday, May 13, 2007

listening to: flaws and all...

i like this man a lot...
and i have for quite a while now.
most everything about him impresses me.
and for about a year, i have been completely infatuated with him.
although our interaction is limited, i am never disappointed.
i've enjoyed (in a floating high kind of way)...every moment
we've spent together.
he studies me everytime he sees me...
almost like he is pleased with each new discovery.
...i pretend to not notice...but i do. and i like it.

i think i'm just flatterd that HE sees and appreciates ME.

so again...i do not see him often.
he's busy. i'm busy.
we have completely different crowds...but in this case,
somehow i am Tony, and he is Maria.
(odd, with my background and history with certain types of men
...but somehow this description works for us).

different doesn't translate into bad.
i wear big party skirts.
he wears chinos.

i'm downtown. (in every sense)
he's uptown. (classic haaaaaawwLUM)

i'm quiet around stangers.
he lives for the attention of strangers.

i'm poor.
he's pretentious.

i'm consistent. (comparatively speaking)
he's spacey.

i know. nothing major. all this can be worked out.
thursday night, a quasi credible source brought up one last difference. biggie.

i like men.
he likes men.?.

i cry for me to today.
but i fight for us tomorrow.
(do NOT judge me)


dev's text read:
"i don't just like u. i like u, like u.
that was yesterday. and i am still singing kelis today.
men are so stupid.

...maybe i am too

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fruitfly4 said...

i do not judge. attraction/crush/like/jones, no matter the kind, is one of this life's guiltless pleasures. and it is most always a creative inspiration.