Sunday, May 27, 2007

i cannot shut my eyes.

this weekend i drove a lot.
i have never driven before in ny.
i miss driving.
i dropped them off....
too awake to go home, so i drove
around bed stuy/clinton hill.

when i turned on bedford ave....
i could only see red lights ahead
of me. as i approached every single
light, it would turn green seconds before
i would have slowed down for red.
it was beautiful.
i was alone.
but not really...
somehow, i felt like i was dancing.
and in doing my part, i just had
to trust that the lights would do
their part.
and they did.
it came to a point where i was
cruising down bedford, no longer paying
attention to the synchronicity of the lights.
knowing that everything was right.

...what did this mean?

.hmmm. after turning on gates to return
home....i had to wait at every single light.
it felt like such a long time.
it was a long time.
i would catch lights switch from yellow
to red.
and then wait.

.....senseless banter.?

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