Tuesday, April 17, 2007

i find it hard to say....everything will be all right (lauryn)

they are two different discussions ending with the same train of thought....something has got to change.

if the first ammendment married the two ideas 1. have some tact (dammit) and 2. live out of love, we would be much further off. i guarantee it.

no. a sports commentator cannot call collegiate champions "nappy headed hoes". and no. rappers cannot refer to hoes as hoes.?
in 2007, we really should understand by now that this country is filled with confusing contradictions. yes, do you have freedom of speech, but you just don't get to say what you want.
get it?
i do.
i'm so embedded in this countrie's thinking that i even agree sometimes.

honestly, if you are not in conversation with everyone you know about proposed solutions to shift the language regarding black women, then you are living under a rock.
right now in this moment, i'm okay with being an American.

and then there was virginia tech.


fruitfly4 said...

the cover of the new york post (a few days ago, i think) showed don imus along the top of the page (maybe the top third) and then the rest of the page was covered with the face of the woman involved in the duke lacrosse team scandal with the headline: THE DUKE LIAR - now america can see her face. i'm thinking? "don't change the subject!"

tk said...

sigh... i know. i find myself (slowly) turning away from hip hop. how, then, am i supposed to relate to our generation? just a thought...