Monday, February 19, 2007

in a matter of seconds..

i soooooooo have a job!
and i sooooooooooo like it!
merchandising/dressing/quasi sales (if i was good at it)
in an entirely new environment.
3 days in, and i am SO LEARNING.
deconstructed, french couture...YAY!

(watch fashion shows to see garments-yikes!)

i also got an excited phone call of approval from a
stylist, welcoming me to assist her.
"you were my first interview, and i knew that
i didn't have to interview another person.
you're hungry, you have a solid foundation,
and i know that you will be helpful on my

friday felt good!


give thanks

1 comment:

fruitfly4 said...

what a blessing! there's nothing like loving what you do. amen. congratulations, sis.