Thursday, July 20, 2006

ny round 2

"God this is the direction that i wish to move in...
i am now moving this way with all of my might...
if this is not where you want me to be, place stumbling blocks in my path..."

got to hartsfield at 2pm.
airtran line is wrapped all around the north terminal.
got sold the 8 something flight.
security checkpoint lines are CRAZY.
get to my terminal.
go to paschals...find a fly in my salad.
sit tight.
i despise laguardia so i am plotting how i can NOT arrive at that airport.
my flight is pushed back because a newark flight is flying out of our terminal.
YAY...the hustle begins.
airtran workers shut me down saying that the flight is closed.
pilot speaks up, and says that there are seats available.
hang around....somehow...someway...end up on the newark flight.

indian woman to my left...white woman to my right.
take off.
over two hours have passed announcement comes
"laguardia had a black out all passengers have been transported to newark.
there are horrible weather conditions in newark..and there is heavy runway traffic.
we are running out of gas, and are going to pittsburgh to refuel".
we deplane.
pittburgh terminal...
indian mom is on my cell phone.
white mom and i are sharing my orange.
missing folks...vietnamese man got left :(
take off.
53 minute flight from pittsburgh to newark.
circling becuase of runway traffic.
finally land.

calling all local hotels.
everyone is booked because laguardia folks had to stay somewhere.
newark airport is mad busy this time of the morning.
i go to buy my NJ transit ticket. (all so new for me)
lady says..."noooo! your train just left at 1:55"
my cell phone reads 2:05
i say "thats cool...when is the next one?"
her face drops..."this is the break in the morning. 4:45 am"
"is there any other way i can get to penn station?"
...take this that newark penn station...take the path...
"ummm, is that safe. i am not from here...are there gonna be a lot of folks traveling?"
"u stay here and wait for the 4:45"

go downstairs.
stumbling blocks?
madddd confused.
call karla. call grace.
pop open my bible...get to reading.
wrap up in my carry-on.
set my cell to 4:35am.
i pass out.
woke up around 4am.
turn off my alarm.
walk back towards where the train comes at 4:45
same lady comes down the escalator...
"i thought u had left."
"nah, u told me to stay. i just slept for a second."
"soooo...are u taking the 4:45"
"yes mam. i set my alarm. i'll be up there at 4:45"
"NO baby. u gotta get to the railink by 4:45. nothing comes here. u need to hurry up and make ur way there now! hurry. take the p4...get off....get back on...go down to the railink. it will be there at 4:46. go!"

i make it to the railink at 4:42.
train is packed with construction workers.
geez. i only like attention sometimes.
i sit by an italian guy that keep smiling at me.
don't look at me sir.
10 minutes pass...
"how was your flight?"
"where u coming from?"
i turn my head slightly...sir...i really don't wanna talk
...calm down.
he learns my final destination.
tells me what line to catch.
"brooklyn? bedstuy do or die....thats my old stomping grounds!
take the c-line all the way to kingston and throops"
we get off the train.
he proceeds to walk me where i need to be.
thanks sir. (no a genuine thanks)
c-line arrives.
sooooo many men keep staring.
too tired to be uncomfortable.
man begs everyone for money.
i pretend i'm sleep.

6am...i emerge from down under.
its a new day.
neighberhood is waking up.
skies are beautiful.
the old men drink their coffee and nod.
the garbage man drives by slowly giving me a thumbs up.
i feel revived.
walking down throops.
turn down macon.
old man standing in a dress shirt with no pants.
too happy to be concerned.
karla stands in the doorway waitng for me.

*two interviews
*one with 4 managers. one with the VP of academic technology
*i feel mad pretty.
*i am unapologetically me
*no fear (thanks God)
*i like my presentation. i like my answers. i'm likin this....
...then i meet my competition. wow. equally qualified white boys with the same agenda.
'lets work at the school so we can be educated for free'
*GO AWAY insecurity!
*clearly state my goals/aspirations.

and thats that.
"so glad you made it. you'll hear from us by tuesday!"

meet up with karla.
go to the subway.
penn station.
7:59 flight turns into 10:54
welcome to atlanta.

*help to release this. i have done my part...and its out of my hands.
never was in my hands....
i'm tired.


richard said...

pam, baby, that was a wonderful little adventure. thanks for sharing. you're writing style is infectious.

fruitfly4 said...

if i could explain how much i love reading your much i feel like you've let me in... how much i feel along for the ride... i'd be a better writer.

holding you in prayer and positivity...

MB said...

Wow! Wow! now that's a short film for ya! I could see you . . . in a purple dress :)

T said...

Man so did you get it?

takkara said...

what happened with the job?

Alleviation said...

Still th eprofound writer you are called to be... so how did it go? Did you get it? And how is life to and for you? It's been a while Pammy, but my prayers always include you... your life is destined to be great; your ambition will never let you down... and remember, it was through a small desire that the vision of a dream became tangible...

With love and sincerity,

lenny said...

PITTSBURGH!!! WOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! crazy adventure... but at least you got done what you needed to do... and now you're a new yorker!!!

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