Saturday, April 08, 2006 DANCE!

so yea...earlier this week i was ready to pack my bags and leave the city of atlanta.
off some straight running stuff....i hate the major market down here for styling (video hoe),
and my work just aint here. my portfolio is in a place that i am quasi comfortable with. MOVE pamela....God is so timely. its humbling. i know that i am anointed, and
my journey definitely is as well, just need to remember that at ALL times. the crazy thing is...when stuff goes down i always say "this is a second in your life...push through it" and i STILL TRIP.

beautifully human...


i don't just leave. i am not a go off whim type person. more of a strategic planner. and its
funny because people always label me as being spontaneous, but i'm not at all. i just may do
stuff that they don't ordinarily do. anyway, i was tapping into another me. this whole
duality within me is SO REAL right now.
pam1: "okay, karla is in NY....netta knows some folks in london. get what u need, and leave"
pam2: "you're not serious because you KNOW that its not time for you to leave"
pam1: "its time to work. work isn't here. its time to leave"
pam2: "you're not done"

pam2 was louder. so much louder that she has folks that i happen to love on her side.
someone i love:"its funny because everytime i want to move on, i realize that it hasn't happened
because my package that i am to leave this space with is not yet complete. something is missing".

and after the other night, i get it.
my portfolio has not yet begun.
as of now, my book follows the formula.
tall. size 2 or less. fraile. women that i KNEW
every eye would find "beautiful".
yeaaaaa....its time for my book to redefine beauty.
no two models will look alike.
its not so much of a challenge to dress women that
have the same body type...and are in the same age range.
a true skill is displayed when a stylist is able to
hone in on what does it for THAT PERSON...and focusing
in on that. forcing an eye to see that which is undeniably beautiful.
sigh....i have to start scouting out new models.
making a list of my new models
got some research to do.
PLANNING SHOOTS. strong concepts. stories.
i got a lot to do....

.......time to work. again.

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fruitfly4 said...

it's all you, homie. go to work, pam.