Monday, April 17, 2006

we kick rocks....

he sat on pluto and i stared at him from uranus. i admired the way his long legs dangled...his whole body was long. the entire galaxy waited on us. everyone anticipated out next move...
we moved slow.

his chocolate skin was the perfect contrast to the hot pink space surrounding him. he was a star, and all the way from uranus i knew it. i figure that he had to see me. i was sitting right in front of him; from millions of lightyears away i stared into his face.

every now and again i received gifts of sun splashes or crowns created from the stars. i never seemed to actually catch my secret admirers because i was too busy staring at him. something in me knew that the gifts weren't from him.

not yet at least.

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Viridian Sun said...

Kick rocks indeed... this is funky and you... I LIKE! Thanks for the midday poetic-pick-me-up ;-)