Tuesday, December 20, 2005

i feel like her! yea, her right there.....

no matter how old i become...i always feel like "the baby" when i come home. tightly wrapped up in a comforter with my body in a ball on the couch. when i was young, it used to be a big deal to me to only take up one cushion on the couch. its a bit pitiful that i still even attempt to do that 17+years later and about
3 feet taller. it feels good to hear my parents move around. i sit here, at 22 years old, and choose to watch jimmy neutron and get excited about the new disney musical that comes out next month. its crazy. i like doing childish things here. i like dancing just
to watch my parents crack up. i like pretending like my mom's soup is
the only in the world worth eating (hmmmm). i even may secretly like hearing my father
scream at me to button my jacket up to the "neckline".

at least i like it now. and i will savor in the now.
cuz God knows...this too shall pass.....


this year is closing out, and i have a smile on my face. i dunno, for some reason its in me towant to say that this has been a bumpy year, many ups and downs. but the more that i think about it, i'm not so sure that it was at all. this was a good year. i started styling. i created a documentary. i loved. i was rich. i met beautiful people. i loved. i graduated college. i still see my grandma. i met new aspects of me. i still love. i created. i got jobs. i continued styling. i see and have more understanding of what it means to honor a faithful walk. i can't be mad at this year at all. its really all good.....

last night i styled for a show at sutra lounge. rocked it! the clothes were awesome. the girls performed. i was able to humble my spirit. i saw many friends support. rashan alii hosted. there were a number of celebritiy shout outs. it was crazy to me...simply because i was apart of this. scar was there. hi scar. he peformed randomly (but it was comfortable, not annoying) during the show. i gotta introduce myself to this young man. its crazy when u feel like u know someone but u haven't carried one conversation of substance with them.

my boys supported me.
i love how i can help them with their events, and they can show up to mine and simply be impressed. its like they're my teachers or something. and when stuff is mine...i gotta pass the test. much love 3 wise men.

hmmm....i walked last night. and i LOVED it. i wore huge shades, cuz i didn't want makeup on my stye. sigh....God stop it. please....not telling, asking. i have become quasi comfortable with my stye. well its no longer on my mind every hour of the day. thats a step in the right direction. right God? ....we can talk later....

magazine. (print)
WB (tv)
sutra lounge (fashion show)
3rd week of december brought me work.
coming to a nice conclusion for this year.
not tryna be completely done though....still have 11 more days in 2005.
lets do work MD!


fruitfly4 said...

F-R-E-S-H! 2005 has been a year filled indeed, and you have been doing the damn thing, miss ma'am! the next time i see you (who knows when that will be) i gotta see your portfolio cause i'm already geeked about your opportunity and possibility.

much love and mad props (did i just say 'mad'? it's okay),

Grace the Globe Trotter said...

Pamela... hmmm... perhaps i have said it before.. but u are truly brilliant... the writing is beyond on point... but the actual life behind the writing is truly blessed... know that this is not just a blog thing... your life is really a testimony... read the first blogs... woman u are making some serious steps in the right direction... i love u so much... i hope everyone who reads your blog understands how fierce you are... love u much