Wednesday, October 12, 2005

back in the good ol MD...

it feels good to be home again. bittersweet though. i always want things to stay the exact same as a last remember it. never really happens that way....sigh....change is good though.

so my plane landed at 11:35pm sunday night. hmmm....why did i arrive to hartsfield at 4:15pm....anticipating to hop on the 6:25 flight. (deep breath) only airtran. i have NEVER had xfares fail me. in the past i always got on the flight that

* cousin is eating ice cream out of a mug and scraping the hell out of the mug with the spoon....its blowin me might hard right now.....

k....i always get on the flight that i arrange to get on. yea to the a an official seat...and the young girl was boosted. as usual...all was going well.

"pammmeelllaaa....i have bad news, u were on stand by, and people that had confirmed seats actually arrived. so i need to take your ticket back."

damn dude did my ticket really get revoked? lol, yeah it definitely did. removed from my fingertips and all. well for some odd reason i was on the verge of tears. LOL...i really wanted to cry. i walked down to the customer service to get "placed" on the new flight. i had a talk with the woman at the desk about the ethics behind giving someone a ticket and then taking it back. i really felt like the agent was was her fault she gave me the should be mine to keep. right? i told the woman at the desk that the agent was an indian giver. LOL....this is all so funny to me now. she told me that she was pretty confident that i would board the next plane.

i assumed that a tornado.hurricaine.flood.tsunami...something drastic had to be happening in baltimore because our flight that waas supposed to leave at 8:10 did not depart until 9:30.

i touched ground at 11:35...and the weather was beautiful.

robino picked me up. walking in a drunkened stooper...our constant giggles slowly woke her up. we went back to her fabulous apartment and stayed up late in the early morning. she is so great.

we went to the harbor on monday. ate at this cute sushi bar. went to markets. watched construction men construct. just kicked it. karla came and went thrifting with me on tuesday. went thru fells point and found the cheapest quality stuff we could afford to buy. karla left...kara came (thats robin's friend). she spent the nite.

today we came home. silver spring. when i snuck behind her my mom just stared at me..."u are so wild girl....why didn't u tell no one u were comin to town?"
i think it hurt her a bit that i came sunday....and just made it home today. she'll be okay...we will enjoy one another!

photo shoot with dorthea tomorrow.
life is good. no break here at home.

men aren't actually stupid, they just pretend to be. and THAT is annoying.


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TheDevilIsInTheDetails said...

For the next hurricane ; the easy way to keep going.