Thursday, July 28, 2005


i write for those who: think that they might have talents in, are early in their careers of, or are on the verge of making it in the realm
i write for those that: think they might possibly have talents in....are early in their careers of, or are on the verge of blowin up within....the realm of fashion. THIS IS NOT FOR THE EYES OF THOSE WHO ARE COMFORTABLY SUCCESSFUL ON THE OTHER SIDE!

i know what u mean...polish disclaimer

the sex issue
the music issue
the bootleg issue
the fashion issue
the money issue
the slept on issue

goal....hmmmm, perhaps a different goal for every issue.
sex issue- how to revolutionize modeling so that sex is no longer the selling tactic!
slept on-cotrice couture....paper competition
money issue-clothes no longer denote social status....????

all i got. topic at a time.
topic 1...slept on.

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